Loan for a new kitchen

You want to borrow money to buy a new kitchen. If your financial position allows this, different forms are possible, namely the kitchen loan, kitchen credit and kitchen financing.


Often the kitchen salesman offers you a loan, and although it is easy to take out the loan right here, this is often an expensive form of loan or credit. Nor is it his profession. He wants to sell a kitchen and does not know the financing. With loan loans, you take out a tailor-made loan, tailored to your purchase.

Are you going to borrow money for a kitchen then it is wise that you adjust the term of the loan to the (expected) life of the kitchen. So if you expect to be able to do the kitchen for 15 years, it is best to ensure that the loan is repaid by no later than 15 years. This prevents you from having another kitchen and the loan for the old kitchen is still running. In that case there is a risk that the height of the kitchen loan or the kitchen credit is higher than the value of the kitchen.

A kitchen loan has a fixed term and a fixed monthly amount. The advantage is that the interest is also fixed and you are therefore not faced with surprises. You can arrange exactly in advance when the kitchen loan has to be redeemed. You can use your monthly budget as the starting point for the car loan so that we can see what amount you can borrow on this basis and with what duration. You can also indicate what you want to borrow so that we can see for you what the monthly costs will be for this. In all cases, we fully match the kitchen loan to your wishes as you did with the purchase of the kitchen.

A kitchen credit has a variable term and a variable interest rate. With a kitchen credit you can pay extra at no extra cost. This type of credit is suitable when you need money for a kitchen, but you also have outstanding loans or loans that you want to convert at favorable conditions. With a kitchen credit you have to take into account yourself that at the end of the life of the kitchen sufficient credit has been paid off. At that moment you can use the available balance on your kitchen credit to buy another kitchen!

A kitchen financing can be either a kitchen loan or a kitchen loan, or a combination of these two forms. This allows for a very precise kitchen financing that is fully tailored to your needs, even if they go beyond the purchase of a kitchen. For example, consider the (very) expensive types of credit such as Credit Cards, mail order credits (Wehkamp, ​​Nechkermann and Otto), but also the shopping cards of Prime Line, Visa, Laser, Comfort Card and Santander.

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