Request a mini loan: the solution for a temporarily tight stock market!

Mini-loans are a godsend.

minikrediet aanvragen

These are small amounts, often up to € 750, which are borrowed for a short period of several weeks, often to bridge a difficult period or to pay for an unexpected one-off expense such as replacing a broken washing machine or a used car. Screening at the BKR usually takes place when people submit a loan application and the loan amount exceeds € 500 and the amount is available for at least 3 months. In the case of mini- loans, however, we have amounts that can exceed € 500, but which are not available for 3 months. As a result, people are protected from both screening and registration at the BKR.

Borrowing money is also possible because these organizations are prepared to often deposit the money in your account within 10 minutes. Interest rates, however, are significantly higher than with longer-term loans, read our disclaimer. These constructions are a solution for a relatively large number of people who do need a temporary expansion, but not a full loan. The so-called ‘red’ on the payment account also responds to this need. This form is also relatively more expensive than a standard consumer loan. Another possibility is to apply for a loan Card , the word already says a loan Card .

You make use of a mini loan if you are short of time, need an advance or are confronted with an unexpected expense or because you see an attractive offer.

You just do not want to go into a whole loan process for a relatively low amount, for example € 500. You may have to enter into a conversation with a financial advisor from a lender or from your own bank. In such a case, where the money requirement is short-term, where you have a view to be able to pay back the money within a few weeks and where you want a minimum of red tape, a mini loan or an advance loan is ideally suited for this.

A mini loan can be quickly and easily closed online, some even by SMS.

However, mini-loans are not cheap, but easy. The form may be similar to the red on the payment account: it is often a temporary facility, intended to bridge those difficult moments at the end of the month. You will also pay interest costs for the red on your account, however if you do not have a red standing facility at your bank, it may take a long time before you have followed the necessary procedures to make use of this facility. Here too, requesting a mini loan is a good solution

What can you do with a mini loan?

What can you do such as purchasing or financing with a mini loan?

• as a bridging of temporary shortages

• to catch an unexpected event or damage such as a broken washing machine or a new refrigerator

• down payment of a trip, as the holiday allowance will only arrive in May or June

• purchase an attractive offer such as a new TV or couch

• repayment of a mail order loan or other small debt

• buying a used car as a second car

• deposit of a scooter or purchase of a used scooter

Requesting a mini loan or advance loan offers possibilities if you want to have money in the very short term, the amount is not too high (on average up to € 1000 and you will be able to repay the temporary loan within the foreseeable future).

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