Wedding Loan

If you want to borrow money for other purposes, such as a holiday or a wedding, this is more a form of ‘luxury’ borrowing.

 Borrowing for your wedding or cutting back?

You can, of course, wonder why someone would take out a loan to pay for a wedding. A big wedding party is not a necessity. Although … If all goes well, you only marry once in your life. Then you want to have your wedding also celebrated in the way that you and your bride (egom) had in mind. Unfortunately, there is usually a hefty price tag: a simple wedding will easily cost ten to seventeen thousand euros. A considerable amount, therefore, that not everyone just lies on the shelf. Or maybe you had set aside an amount, but just before the wedding date you had to deal with some major expenses, such as a broken car, a leaking roof or another unexpected setback. Borrowing a sum of money for your wedding party can then be an option.

Borrowing for your wedding or cutting back?

Before you start looking at how much you can borrow for your wedding, it might be an idea to see if you can cut back on a few posts. Maybe you know someone with a nice old-timer, so you do not have to rent an expensive wedding car. Or do you have musical family members who would like to act as a band at your wedding party. Also on food and drink, but also the wedding rings is often the necessary to save. You do not want to delete the wedding photographer, even if friends or family offers to film or photograph: if something unexpectedly goes wrong, then you do not have any photos or videos that remind you of your big day.

Put a spring roll on your invitation!

Are you, as a wedding couple, really waiting for three salt and pepper sets, a twelve-piece service, a mosquito net and a microwave oven? If you do not have much to spend, just dare to print an “egg roll” or the well-known envelope on your invitation. The chance that you get the costs for your wedding completely out, is not great, but by asking money for the guests you can at least save an amount.

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